Five mistakes you should avoid as a photographer

should avoid as a photographer

We are all humans, and we are bound to make mistakes. But there are some mistakes that cost us a lot. In photography, there are some mistakes you should avoid. Because the last thing you want is your brand losing its relevancy because of a mistake you committed.

So I wrote this article to identify some mistakes that you should not make.

  1. Using someone else’s niche. The biggest mistake you can make in any business is using someone else’s niche. Just because someone is doing well with a niche doesn’t mean you will do well with the niche. You are unique. You should not choose to copy someone else’s niche. Choose a niche because you love it.
  2. Trying to blog everything. Most people are guilty of the mistake. The truth is that blogging everything means blogging nothing. What you blog about really matters, so you should make sure that what you blog about goes in line with what you do.
  3. Promoting your work to the wrong audience. You should not make the mistake of promoting your work to the wrong audience. When you market to the wrong place, you might end up not gaining any customer or audience. So before you start your marketing, it is best to identify your target audience. After identifying your target audience, you can start marketing. but identifying your target audience should be your first priority.
  4. Working for free. Most photographers make this mistake – working for free in exchange for exposure. This is a very big mistake. Under no circumstance should you work for free, because most of the times, the exposure is very worthless. It would not bring you new audiences or clients. So why are you wasting your time working for free when you will never get anything in return. However, you should work for free when you feel like – maybe for a close friend or family. Apart from that, you should never work for free. Make sure you get paid for all your jobs.
  5. Hiding all your pricing information. Most photographers make the mistakes of hiding all their price information. If a customer wants to patronize you, he or she needs to see the price to see if it is within their range. Hiding your pricing information only means one thing to the customers “it costs thousands of dollars” trust me, you might lose customers.

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