Top common photo shoot mistakes to avoid

common photo shoot mistakes

We are humans, so we are bound to make mistakes. However, there are some mistakes you shouldn’t make when you are working. The fact is that if you make these kinds of mistakes, it could cost you your job. These also applies to photographers, there are some mistakes you shouldn’t make as a photographer. Although when you are a newbie, one is bound to make such mistakes, but it is best to avoid such mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid as a photographer

  1. Focus on the main subject. Sometimes when taking photos, you might capture something in the image without intention. When this happens, it might shift the focus from the main subject to that object. The object might be a light post or a bush. So it is best that you don’t focus too much on the main subject when taking a photo.
  2. A great camera makes a great photo. If you think that having a great, high quality camera will make your photos look good, then you are wrong, if you have a DSLR doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any training on photography. To take good photos, you not only need a good camera, you need training too. You have to learn lots of things in order to be able shoot great photos.
  3. The frame edge. It is so embarrassing when you take a photo only for your customer to ask “where is my leg?” and you answer “I am so sorry, I forgot to include your feet.” This is so embarrassing. This mistake is so common in newbies. Sometimes, they miss the feet or hands of the subject. This mistake usually happens in architecture and landscapes photos. For example, the photographer might miss the top part of a tree or the tip of the dome of a church.

Trying to bring everything in the middle of the frame. The fact you have to know is that you don’t have to bring all the things in the photo you take. This is one of the top mistakes most photographers make. Sometimes bringing everything in the middle of the frame is good, but not all the time. If you want to photograph a person, make sure you put the person to either the right or left side of the frame. You can take like three or four shots to find out which one will look great. Don’t be afraid of experimenting.

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